Find Vulnerable Webcams Across the Globe Using Shodan

Search engines index websites on the web so you can find them more efficiently, and the same is true for internet-connected devices. Shodan indexes devices like webcams, printers, and even industrial controls into one easy-to-search database, giving hackers access to vulnerable devices online across the globe. And you can search its database via its website or command-line library. also check on hatch

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Shodan has changed the way hackers build tools, as it allows for a large part of the target discovery phase to be automated. Rather than needing to scan the entire internet, hackers can enter the right search terms to get a massive list of potential targets. Shodan’s Python library allows hackers to quickly write Python scripts that fill in potential targets according to which vulnerable devices connect at any given moment.

You can imagine hunting for vulnerable devices as similar to trying to find all the pages on the internet about a specific topic. Rather than searching every page available on the web yourself, you can enter a particular term into a search engine to get the most up-to-date, relevant results. The same is true for discovering connected devices, and what you can find online may surprise you!

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