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7 powerful Python Scipts Every Developer Must Know with sourcecode

These are the powerful and high potential script that every developer must know


with these powerful and amazing script that am really intrested to share  with you today will change the way you look into python programming. Python has always being the most powerful high level programming language and yet it has always being helping in performing variety of tasks simultaneously, This make it a must to know programming language to all Python Developers.

python script

But Did you know python is not Just a programming language but a tool to change the way we think about technology. with this amazing script that am going to share with you will take your python skills to next level

        1. Python – Get content from Wikipedia Script

          Wikipedia provides a fantastic general overview of many topics. This information can be used to add additional information to transactional emails, track changes on a particular set of articles, or to make training documentation or reports. Thankfully, it’s also extremely easy to gather information using the Wikipedia package for Python. You can install the Wikipedia package using,

          pip install wikipedia.

          When the installation is complete, you are ready to begin. If you already know the specific page content you would like to pull, you can do so directly from that page:  This script is originated from

        2. Python – Compress images Script

Sometimes you may need to compress an image as part of the asset-creation pipeline for a new site or temporary landing page and may not want to do so manually, or you have to send the task to an external image-processing service. Using the pillow package, you can easily compress JPG images to reduce the file size while retaining image quality. Install pillow using

pip install pillow

The example below will reduce a 2.5 MB image to 293 KB

3. Python – Convert images to JPG Script

The .jpg format is perhaps the most popular image format currently in use. You may find yourself needing to convert images from other formats to generate project assets or image recognition. The pillow package from Python makes converting images to jpg a simple process:

This source code is take from

4.Python Image Resizer with Pillow Script

Pillow is a Python Imaging Library that simplifies working with images. This script resizes a batch of images to a specified resolution or aspect ratio:

5.Python Image Classification with TensorFlow and Keras

A Python script using TensorFlow and Keras to create a simple image classification model.

6.Python PDF Generator with ReportLab Script

ReportLab is a library for creating PDF documents in Python. You can generate PDF files from text or HTML content.

7.Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup

BeautifulSoup is a Python library for web scraping. It allows you to extract data from websites with ease.


The script above are the must know to very python developer. If you find this scripts and article useful, please feel free to share this article with others. Please comment below if you have any doubts and question. if you have any amazing script you really wish to share. Please comment below and leave a link to your xtrabuider paste

python script

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